Grave conditions

Grave arrangements with Iceland moss, palm leaves, cones and many other dried plants

Grave rests in our assortment for commemorative floristry are already finished dried flower arrangements that can either be further processed or used as finished parts. For further processing natural conditions can be put on funeral wreaths, grave decorations and urn jewelry.

Grave pads are suitable for funeral bouquets, urn decorations, grave arrangements and much more.

Double bouquets with or without fir branches and ornate grave shells can be made so easily and with little effort. These glued and wired grave pads are composed of elements that you can also order individually here in the floristry online store. The finished natural editions are each available as a multi-part assortment with two to six differently designed grave rests and a total of up to 32 pieces.

The durable grave arrangements with Iceland moss, palm leaves, cones and many other dried plants are ideal for grave decorations in cold temperatures in autumn and winter such as All Saints' Day or the Dead Sunday.
For nurseries, in commemorative and funeral floristry, these high-quality finished parts are very convenient due to their low workload during further processing.

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