Planters for the grave

In the time of mourning and memory, one wants to decorate the tomb gracefully and fancy. With the planters for the grave of Floristik24, the online shop for high-quality mourning jewelery, you can express your grief and your thoughts individually. Especially if you miss the words, a lavish grave or mourning planting is a beautiful way to express grief. Here you will find pots, diamonds and waves, some of which are already decorated with natural decorations, as well as hearts, crosses and rings, which can be provided with their own ideas for plants.

Among other things, you can support a memorial service with the ready-made plant decorations and also create a table decoration for the subsequent mourning coffee. All you need to do is plant the planting area, which is usually in the middle, or plant it with some ivy, moss or a small mourning flower. For this, the areas are designed with a robust planting foil. The plantable mourning accessories are available in different sizes, colors and shapes, so you can choose the right decoration for yourself.

The large planters in cross, heart or ring shape are also made of recyclable material and can therefore also be used as grave jewelry, as most cemeteries allow only a permanent grave decoration of this same material.

The large areas allow you to be even more creative in the commemorative planting and incorporate more pretty plants and flowers. You can also let them into the grave soil, so that the grave planting also stays in shape and looks fresh for weeks.

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